3 Tips to Use When Writing Articles for Money

By | January 6, 2016

3 Tips to Use When Writing Articles for Money

If you want to make money online you have to understand what the best choices are to help you get started and one of them is writing articles for money. When you are new to internet marketing article marketing can help you get your start in the right direction. This is a great way to make cash online and build up a business of blogs, websites, and articles.

Beginners can find it difficult to build up a business with many of the available strategies for marketing because they can be expensive to use and time consuming to learn. However, article marketing is not all that hard to learn and you can have a good handle on what you are doing in about a month or two. Plus you can be writing articles for money within about a week.

The Top 3 tips for Writing Articles for Money

1. Quality over Quantity

It used to be that when you were writing articles for money the goal was to put out as many articles as possible and you were only trying to write about 300 words per article. There were many useful articles put out at this length, but also many that were garbage. Now, things have changed and if you want to writing articles for money you have to write for quality and not quantity.

This means you better write more words and make sure the content you write can be used by those that have spent time searching for it and reading it. If they cannot use the content you have on your site and in your articles it will not be picked up by the search engines as much and they will not return to your site as often. This means less money for you to make and that is not what you want.

2. Post Daily

Those that are using a blog along with articles to make money should post to the blog every single day, if possible. The more you post the more you will be able to rank on the search engines with your posts. This means more traffic and more recognition. Plus when visitors come to your site and find that you have more good content they will bookmark you and come back over and over again.

3. Use SEO in your Articles

Another thing that you must do when you are writing articles for money is use SEO in your articles. The most basic way to do this is to build each post and article around a specific keyword phrase. Use this once in the title, first sentence, and last sentence. Also, use it once for every 150 words you have after that. This will help to get you ranked high on the search engines and you already know that means more traffic.

The One Major Key to Writing Articles for Money

There is one major thing that many people do not have when it comes to writing articles for money. You have to be patient and understand the ultimate goal. Many people want automatic results and want instant results, but this is not what you will get with articles. Most of the things you can do to build up instant results are scams and are not all that good for your website or blog.

When you use articles to build a business you are going to have to be willing to take the time to write many of them before you see huge results. You will see smaller results first before you start to notice a larger income. This will last longer however, and you are building a business for the long term with writing articles for money.

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