HOME-BASED BUSINESS: 8 Tips To Starting A Business At Home

By | November 3, 2014

I hope you find this video helpful. I share with you 8 tips that helped me start my business at home. Also see my blog post on this subject at http://www.ath…

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HOME-BASED BUSINESS: 8 Tips To Starting A Business At Home

  1. Liora Hess

    I do have a question: I see your iPad bare in most videos. Do you have any
    protective coating on it? I keep mine in a case, but it would also be nice
    to use things like the tripod, which would require taking it out of its
    case every time. It’s a bit slippery, so I’m concerned about leaving it
    bare. I tend to resell my electronics, so I need to keep it scratch-free. 

  2. scrappinnwrappin

    I wish I had known about this $5 logos! I paid a graphic designer $300 to
    create my avatar and logo :(. Great tips, thanks for sharing!


    Good Morning Nikki:) I love ALL YOUR VIDEOS! I “liked” this video and
    everyone I watch. I have a new 3 1/2 month old Family Vlogging Channel. I’m
    noticing it takes a lot of work to put a video together & entertain our
    subscribers. So judging your videos… I can only imagine how many hours of
    creative thinking, filming, lighting, advice, and effort you put into your
    videos for us. WOW! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your so considerate!!! I’ve learned
    a lot from you but the one thing I take away from you the most is
    “PRESENTATION” is “ELEVATION” . Meaning if the quality of the video
    is PRESENTED well, your channel will be ELEVATED to a HIGHER & HIGHER
    status in the You Tube community and beyond! 

  4. Amanda Keith

    Thanks for sharing, Nikki! I love your home and business videos! you are
    always such an inspiration.

  5. kreeativeme

    This is an awesome video. Thank you for sharing and being a blessing.

  6. Denise H

    Another tip, if you are going to set up a list for newsletters, etc., is to
    use a double-opt in one (Aweber is a popular one). And never buy, rent or
    trade lists (though you can promote another person’s business and give out
    a link to their site for those that are interested).

  7. AtWorkWithNikki

    Hope you find this video helpful. Have a great day. Nikki

  8. Shameka Damper

    Outstanding tips & thank you for sharing!! I can’t wait to get the ball
    rolling!!! #VeryHelpful 

  9. Sharon Astles

    I would LOVE to see a video on who you used to make/etc your website!

  10. Kerry Lovebump

    Fantastic tips here Nikki! I’ll definitely be checking out Fiverr today!
    Thanks for sharing, Kerry x 

  11. Lacey Bell

    Nikki, thank you for making this video! You video was such an inspiration
    and motivation! Blessings! 

  12. Teresa Williams

    Love seeing your videos! Would LOVE a video on you doing your website!!!
    You have inspired me in so many ways!!!

  13. Natasha Sanders

    Hi Nikki! I’m in the research and preparation phase of creating my
    business. This information is SO helpful. Thank you!


    I would love for you to share how you did your website. Love watching your
    videos. Edith

  15. Brenda Booth

    I just cannot thank you enough for you’re videos. I have two home based
    businesses and I just don’t give them the time I should. I incorporate some
    of the 8 tips but not all of them like I should. Thanks very much

  16. happiehousewife

    Great information, very helpful. Thank you for sharing. Would love a
    video about your website and the software you are using. Have a great


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