twitter facebook plugin

By | June 4, 2015

twitter facebook plugin

What if every reader at your blog Tweeted your articles ? Would be fun and loads of traffic right ? Although every single reader tweeting your articles seems like a too good to be true idea, it would definitely help even if a quarter of them did.


Tweeting articles has become extremely easy these days, after all you have your Twitter client / Browser plugin ready all the time right ? But how about genuine readers on your blog ? Do they always tweet your articles by taking the pain of copy pasting the title and url ? I doubt if all of them do.


Adding a “Tweet this” button looks like a better idea here. It gives people a one-click solution to show their love to you, and takes the pain of copy pasting urls, off their shoulders.


Traffic to DSB have increased significantly after I added the Tweetmeme buttons you see on the top right of the article.


And the good thing is that I can track those people on Twitter easily (Who re-tweets from DSB) as they all come as retweets to me. I make sure that I follow all those who re-tweet articles from DSB, its nice to see it pop up from different parts of the world.


So why should you add a Re-Tweet button on your blog ?


– Readers will find it easy to re-tweet your articles, simultaneously as they read it.

– Takes the pain off their shoulders to copy paste urls and titles.

– You get instant “alerts” on Twitter, when someone re-tweets an article.

– Its like a vote of appreciation from your readers, you’d love to see.

– Helps you track down your blog readers on Twitter, and befriend them.

– Need I say that more tweets helps in traffic boost ?


So if you’re thinking about adding Re-Tweet buttons to your blog, here are five WordPress – Twitter plugins that will help you to do the integration well.




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