Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank – This Stuff Rocks!

By | November 16, 2014

On you can register for free to see the much more. It’s mind-blowing! But wait! Click on the like button and / or give me your comment.

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Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank – This Stuff Rocks!

  1. J thrasher

    Love the enthusiasm but i think you turned a 20 min video into over an hour
    with repetitive speech im at the 12min mark and could sum up everything
    you’ve said and conveyed it cleary in 90 seconds..that being said,great
    video so far!, but like sweet brown said “Ain’t nobody got time for

  2. Jerome Jason

    If your interested in doubling your money low amounts or high amounts
    search how to make fast cash jerome Jason I can turn your 30 dollars into
    60 dollars 

  3. İhsan labib

    for a test campagin at least you need to spend 1k at least without any
    gurante alots of your own money will go to rabish

  4. c candler

    Hey I just want to know why when I signed up to Ad Knowledge I have to
    deposit 1,000 dollars to get an ad up and why I cant even make an account
    with JemaMedia. I like your style but it seems like they have changed
    things since you made your video, even Google Keyword Tool is different.


  5. Sun Yeoh

    What do you mean by conversion tracking at minute 58-59?
    Thanks a lot !

  6. rami chery

    Hello ,, really thank you so much for this video , in fact I did get a lot
    of knowledge in practice step by step , and I start now doing affiliate
    marketing , but in fact I need your help in the following :
    1. While implement steps shown on video I noticed that google change the
    way for looking about the ( exact ) words keys , which in fact I face
    problems in how to understand the new google site for keywords
    2 . Also I found a change in side the Jime media web site , when it come to
    paste the key words from google in fact the Jime media above at video is
    different than what now on same Jime site , they change the structure for
    paste keywords exact from google ? So please advice and please show me how
    we can do that in both new google and Jime
    3 . About ad knowledge I reach the stage for fund and in fact I was
    surprise that minimum amount is 1000 $ , even if my campaign is only 25 $ ,
    also I manage to crest a 25 $ campaign at Jime , yesterday , but it still
    pending , I guess it need time to active

    Over all every thing went cool and hyper tracker is amazing

  7. ahmad Nasaii

    great.. intrested in doing affiliate marketing.. pls do guide me

  8. Bain Marie

    You are the answer to my prayers….I have made money on the internet in
    the past by getting free traffic but you can only go so far with free
    traffic and then your treated like a red headed step child on the internet.
    Thanks for you openness and passion!

  9. J Bukovski

    Vick, you are the man, bro! I can listen to you all day long. I am a
    landing page designer, working for ppc company, can you tell us more about
    using different landing pages that will redirect to the actual offer.

  10. Dj Koolbob

    wish i knew this information earlier in 2013, but going to apply it today!

  11. paul levesque


    GET your Clickbank affiliate link to any product

    Go to OR and sign as advertiser, compose ad to
    your affiliate link.


    Money will start rolling in you clickbank account.

    How ?

    With or you pay $1 for 1000 visitors, in which you
    get 10 sales,

    each sale commission about $20 so you get $200 for each $1 you spend.

    Spend $100 you end making about $20,000

  12. Qasim Sarwary

    since Google search tool is replaced to Google keyword planner I m not able
    to follow your instruction please help.


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