Semi-Automatic Scraping using Article Marketing Robot

By | November 6, 2014 Since the public site list is getting spammed to death, I strongly encourage people to scrape. Here is a utility to help …
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Semi-Automatic Scraping using Article Marketing Robot

  1. Eric TheNinjaPirate

    with the new version there is no from source option? how do you include the

  2. Tyronne Ratcliff

    Awesome tutorial Vince, is there a way to combine the public site list with
    the imported one?

  3. Ernest Joseph

    Excellent feature. I do scraping all of the time and know how valuable it
    is as a time saver. Try cutting and pasting 300 url from that source code
    you just showed. Great job!

  4. ArticleRobot

    @hansn1951 Please take it to the AMR forum and post the bug and the full
    exception text. I can’t do tech support on YouTube.

  5. Kotchaporn nunna

    Hi Vince I can’t put url. I can’t setting off like in your VDO. How I can
    do? Google have 3 choose live below. Please interoduce me.Thanks you Google
    Instant predictions – When should we show you results as you type? – Only
    when my computer is fast enough. – Always show Instant results. Never show
    Instant results.


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