Why embedded videos in email marketing don't work

By | August 15, 2015

Why embedded videos in email marketing don't work
Crucially video boosts conversion rates by a quarter, and consumers spend more per purchase. All of this should make the decision to embed relevant video content in their marketing emails the archetypal 'no brainer' for brands, right? Unfortunately, as …
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Can Brands Reach Millennials Without Video? Fat Chance, as Gen Y Prefers Video
It almost goes without saying at this point, but still it must be said: if you're marketing to millennials, you'd better have that video rolling big time. Millennials — often called Generation Y — is that highly coveted cohort of consumers born …
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10 Ways To Use Short Video For Social Media Marketing
Video can reinforce your authority, humanize your business, build trust and in the process, facilitate engagement and increase conversions. Adding video to your social media marketing mix boosts SEO, too. If your video shows up in search results, you …
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